BSR & Complaints of the Arms, Neck and Shoulders

BSR & Complaints of the Arms, Neck and Shoulders

CANS, Complaints of the arms, neck and shoulders : Does it ring a bell?

“Two years ago I developed CANS, causing much discomfort in my daily activities. As none of several physical specialists could really alleviate my pain, I tried Body Stress Release. Immediately after the first treatment I noticed positive effects. Although shortly after BSR treatments you can experience a short period of pain, this is relatively quickly followed by a pain-free period. This is inherent to BSR, as your body is put to work to release the stress itself. Since my BSR treatments my body has made slow, but constant progress towards a pain-free life.

It is always a pleasure to visit the BSR practice of Prune Martinez: she makes you feel at home, she takes time to listen to your complaints, and she immediately implements your input in the BSR treatment. After a BSR session she discusses the status of your body in a clear way and gives advice how to continue. It is a very relaxing experience, and I would recommend this to everyone.”

Geert, 35, Biomedical scientist

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